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On the charcoal machine technology and raw materials

2019/12/26 11:46:21      点击:
First of all, we must figure out the definition of good charcoal and the definition of good charcoal is fire resistance, high carbon content, beautiful and compact appearance, high hardness, and high combustion temperature.
However, it is really not easy to make good charcoal. The following points are the main points for good charcoal. There is another point that wants and requires the charcoal machine to produce high-quality charcoal. The process of charring the mallet is very important. The carbonization methods are all carbonization of the earthen kiln. When the earthen kiln is carbonized, the charcoal produced is often unqualified. First of all, the construction skills of the earthen kiln are very complicated, and the foundation must be laid and sealed in place. Secondly, the skill requirements of the operator are relatively high. Mastering the hourly temperature in the kiln is the primary condition for burning high-quality mechanism charcoal. Finally, it takes a long time to charcoal charcoal in an earth kiln. The entire process from incineration to charcoal discharge takes about 9 days. Quality is also the key to quality. Good charcoal is produced. Quality is the most important thing. If anyone tells you that straw and peanut shells can also make mechanical charcoal, then you are fooling you. You can only use wood materials to make high-quality charcoal. Keep in mind. With good materials, you must also have good carbonization skills. As long as you choose the right carbonization process, you can burn depending on the material. Keep in mind that different charcoal materials use different machines and skills. You are deciding to do it. It is unrealistic to change the charcoal skills to be used for a certain variety of charcoal. Another important point is the dryer. Under the condition that the material is certain, choose a set of high-efficiency dryer that can be dried at one time. The main bearing is a pressure bearing. The main shaft is not less than 8 cm. A good 18.5 kW 6-level motor (the actual power consumption is similar to 15 kW). With quality materials and better equipment, rod making is the first element. The density must be qualified. The simplest inspection method is two salary sticks. Touch, make a crackling sound, not an empty sound. After cooling, both hands cannot be easily broken. The charcoal kiln must be airtight and reasonably structured. For environmental protection, it is best to recover soot, otherwise it is difficult to make a living. The firing of good charcoal is mainly controlled by the fire. Generally speaking, low-temperature charcoal is not good, at least to 800 degrees or above.
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