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What to do if the charcoal machine has good quality

2019/12/7 13:55:55      点击:
The first reason that first affects the output value of the charcoal production machine is the problem of raw materials. The charcoal made of raw materials with large carbon content has good effects, high heat, and resistance to combustion. It is very popular in domestic and foreign markets. Conversely, the charcoal made of raw materials with low carbon content will not achieve a good effect, and the market demand is also small.
Then it depends on the entire process of the technician operating the charcoal production machine. It is necessary to ensure that the humidity of the dried raw materials is 8% to 12%. The humidity is high and the humidity is low. The humidity is low, and the carbon produced is slightly cracked. In the process of making rods, it is more important to pay attention to the heat of the forming cylinder. The technician is required to adjust the temperature of the forming cylinder from 260C to 360C. As long as the temperature is reached, a good rod can be produced. Gao's carbon is slightly weak. There is also the final step. During the carbonization process, we must pay attention to sealing the carbonization furnace to ensure that there is no air leakage to burn out the good carbon.
I want to introduce to you the important factor that affects the output value of the charcoal production machine is the maintenance of the equipment. As long as you pay attention to the details and maintain the equipment well, so that the equipment does not cause problems, it will not only save maintenance costs, but also ensure that the equipment can operate normally and enable the enterprise. Get greater benefits. If there are problems with the parts, replace them in a timely manner without affecting the normal production of the charcoal machine.
How does charcoal affect charcoal?
The charring speed and heating rate, the size of the charcoal rod, and the charring method all directly affect the quality of charcoal. When charcoal is rapidly carbonized, a sharp exothermic reaction will occur, and a lot of steam generated in the rod making machine cannot quickly pass through the pores of the mechanism rod. It will be discharged and cracks will be formed, which will reduce the hardness of charcoal. When the mandrel with high water content is rapidly carbonized, the deformation is more serious, and the strength of the obtained product is lower. The control of the carbonization speed is mainly determined by the size of the furnace life. Therefore, the operator must understand the characteristics of each carbonization stage, and determine the amount of fuel for the blower according to the required temperature, the speed of heating, and the use of wood gas. At the beginning of 2 hours, more fuel was added. Later, with the increase in the use of wood gas, the amount of fuel was gradually reduced. This operation can save energy consumption and improve the mechanical strength of charcoal. So how do we tell what is the charcoal in question and what is good quality charcoal? Don't wait for the editor to talk about it. 1. The hardness of charcoal
 With one hand holding the charcoal stick vertically, the thumb cannot be easily broken as a standard. The better the hardness, the better the charcoal quality. Charcoal promises a few cracks, which does not affect the quality of charcoal. However, the crack is too large, which indicates that the density of the semi-finished product mallet is not good or the oxygen supply is excessive and too large during the carbonization process, and the cracks formed cannot be shortened completely. Picking up two pieces of charcoal and bumping them can make a loud metallic sound. 2. Color of charcoal:
 The color of the charcoal should be black and shiny. From the outside, the charcoal is pure black. If the color is dark, the percussion sound will not be loud and clear, indicating that the water application is too heavy. Break the charcoal to observe the color of the section. If there is yellowing, it is clear that there are many impurities in the charcoal, and the ash content and volatile matter will naturally exceed the standard; or the carbonization process is not standard, and the charcoal has smoke and smell (the charcoal does not have to have smoke, but it must smell) This is also the most obvious phenomenon of incomplete carbonization.
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