briquette machine

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    This briquette machine is a featured production in our factory. It is used to make briquettes from p...



This briquette machine can be used to press coal dust, coke powder, charcoal powder, carbon black powder, iron powder, iron ore fines, mill scale, cast iron powder, other mineral powder etc. into oval shape, pillow shape, egg shape. we can also design the mould-rollers based on customer's demand. With features of high pressure, compact structure, easy to operate etc.

Working principle:

Briquette machine will pass the power on to the two pressure roller through the reducer.The two sides and roll rotation, in both the rotating roll,Natural materials to enter the ball roll mode, with the roll rotation, material pressure on a small become larger, When the material to the two rollers rotating line contact point,the pressure of materials has reached the peak. Tremendous pressure in the role of line, the materials become a finished product ball.

Features :
1. High efficiency iron ball press machine;
2. Apply for many kinds of powder like charcoal, coal, mineral, metal, etc.;
3. Make round type or pillow type or along type iron ball, charcoal ball;
4. The products have high density, high strength, and high hardness.


The briquette machine is used to make the dry materials without any moisture into balls or other shapes. It is widely applied in the industries such as refractory material, electric power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation and heating, etc.  


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