Honeycomb briquette machine

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    This machine is mainly used to make the coal briquettes in honeycomb shapes. This kind of honeycomb ...


Honeycomb briquette machine is composed of a main drive overload safety save device, gearbox, a crank connecting rod mechanism, a punch mechanism, a turntable positioned indexing mechanism, feeding mechanism, the sweeping mechanism, coal output and the remaining material returning mechanism, electrical system components

Advantages of honeycomb briquette machine
1. High profit and low cost in raw material
2. Increase the net calorific value per unit volume after briquetting
3. Energy saving, friendly-environment, Low-consumption
4. No chemical additives, no smell, no smoke
5. Easy to transport and store as densities product

It is widely used to produce honeycomb briquette with many shapes, such as round,square,cylindrical and fine coke balls from coal powered, powered coal bar .Of fertilizer industry, applicable to mineral fines of different kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, applicable to iron scale and dust elimination of metallurgy and applied to produce all kinds of shapes with hole of sludge and refractoriness.

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