Charcoal machine

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    The solid charcoal produced by this machine has the feature of being easy to light, and having high...


This kind of charcoal machine can produce water content < 12% of bamboo, wood, shells (except rice straw, wheat straw), straw and other granular (5 mm or less in length, diameter 3 mm) or less waste, in the case of without any binder, after high temperature and high pressure process, extrusion into a rod-shaped pay solid rod with center hole.

The machine production equipment characteristics: fast good preparation (20 seconds out of the 60 cm), extrusion dense, screw propeller adopts precision casting, special wear-resisting material life for more than ten times higher than that of traditional thrusters; Forming the sleeve adopts special formula alloy precision casting, life can be up to a year; This cutting-edge technology not only makes the cost is greatly reduced, but also saves manpower.

1. Our charcoal machine absorbs the advanced technique in home and abroad. 

2. Innovative design and reliable quality

3. Stable and continuous working

4. High strength and toughness  

5. Temperature  control, durability, adaptability

6. High production capacity.

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