Charcoal bar making machine

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    This coal bar machine is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy and ceramic industry, etc. It ...



This series of charcoal briquette press machines can be used to make charcoal briquettes of different shapes. The raw material comes from small size waste charcoal broken in storage or while transportation, or comes from charcoal chunk after biomass burned. With this machine, the waste charcoal chunk can be made into charcoal briquettes or charcoal stick and recycled for barbecue, room heating etc.

Working principle

The motor transmits power to transmission through the belt. At the same time, the transmission output shaft transmits power to propeller through the floating coupling, then the propeller shaft extrude the coal material by the molding die to produce the ideal high-pressure coal-stick.


1.This machine is to make coal and charcoal powder into sticks. This is the first step to make silver charcoal. 
2. The shape of the sticks can be made by customers requirements.
3.The product made by this machine is no pollution and smoke. It is the most suitable machine for you.

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